A Glimpse at the Future of Stadium Tech, “Immersive” Sports Broadcasts and Netflix’s New WWE Deal
The WWE and Neflix signed a $5B deal

A Glimpse at the Future of Stadium Tech, “Immersive” Sports Broadcasts and Netflix’s New WWE Deal

January 26, 2024

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Sports Travel: CES 2024 gives glimpse into the future of stadium technology

The massive Las Vegas-based tech conference covers nearly every consumer sector, and this year that included the game-day experience. This article delves into the various ways that technology will impact the fan experience at live events in the coming years. As you could probably guess, AI will play a huge role, helping usher in a new era of personalization, security and more. 

The Drum: How brands will spearhead immersion in 2024

The future of the game-viewing experience is customization. While full-on personalization may still be a ways off, giving fans the ability to customize how and where they consume live events is the key to ensuring long-term engagement across diverse groups. For example, as this article points out, “during the most recent College Football Playoff National Championship game, ESPN had ten different ways to consume the broadcast,” meaning that fans could select the option that overlapped most closely with their interest and viewing habits. In order to keep up with the times, teams are going to need to figure out how to let fans watch on their own terms.

Media Play News: Netflix Inks $5 Billion WWE ‘Raw’ Deal  

The last few years have seen many of the streaming giants get into the live sports game — Amazon Prime and the NFL, Max and the NBA — but this is Netflix’s first foray into live sports. Even if you don’t consider professional wrestling a genuine sport due to its scripted nature, it is still a high-value live event that draws millions of eyeballs every week. Live events are still one of — if not the — only monolithic viewing experiences in television today, so it makes sense for Netflix to get involved. As regional sports networks continue to dissolve, look for more and more sports leagues and teams to turn to streaming. Also worth mentioning: it’s a way for streamers to get viewers more aligned with ad-supported tiers. 

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A Glimpse at the Future of Stadium Tech, “Immersive” Sports Broadcasts and Netflix’s New WWE Deal