Some call them investors. At FEVO, we call them partners.

And we are fortunate to have the very best partners on earth.

FEVO enjoys the support of the most respected names in venture capital and private investment. Our partners believe in our shared vision of rebuilding the e-commerce experience to meet the ever-changing needs and desires of consumers.

At FEVO, we like to say that “business lives downstream of culture, and culture lives downstream of demographics.” The products we build are an expression of that paradigm.

E-commerce 1.0 was designed to make buying things online as frictionless as possible: Eliminate steps. Eliminate screens. Verify payment method. Execute transaction.

But in this quest for efficiency, the needs of human beings — emotional, social, yearning for connection — were left behind. FEVO weds the convenience of shopping online with tools that allow people to connect, collaborate and ultimately validate one another's purchases. Just like we used to do it.

It’s this culture-conscious mindset — not the pursuit of market hype or viral trends — that has allowed us to raise $140MM in capital with a recent Series C round of $31MM,  provided us a with a clear path to profitability, and helped us forge investment partnerships focused on long-term growth and lasting impact. Together, we are building an e‑commerce ecosystem for the next generation of brands, fans and shoppers.

A great company, in great company.

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Ari Daie
Founder and CEO