FEVO x Ticketmaster: The Integration That’s Helping Brands Revolutionize the Way They Sell Tickets

FEVO x Ticketmaster: The Integration That’s Helping Brands Revolutionize the Way They Sell Tickets

May 9, 2023

FEVO’s goal in the world of live events is to make the process of buying tickets to an event just as seamless, fun and social as the event itself.

The first step toward achieving that goal is ensuring an easy and intuitive checkout and ticket delivery process, which is why we’re integrated with Ticketmaster HOST and Archtics, two of the most powerful and dynamic platforms in the industry. Through those integrations as well as our partnership with Ticketmaster’s Nexus Partner and Distributed Commerce Programs, FEVO is able to help brands create unique offers around group buying, social sharing, third-party distribution and more.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the incredible benchmarks that big-time clients like the Harlem Globetrotters, Cirque du Soleil and Nutcracker! Magical Christmas Ballet have established thanks to FEVO and Ticketmaster’s ongoing partnership.

All the Harlem Globetrotters Do Is Win, Win, Win — Ticket Sales Included

The Harlem Globetrotters are used to winning (according to their website, they have an all-time win percentage of .987), and that winning mindset also extends to their approach to group sales. They recently created a discounted custom fan experience available only to fans who bought through a group ticket promotion. It was quick, easy to set up and — most importantly — made it easy for fans to buy.  

The promotion helped the Globetrotters sell thousands of tickets sold across numerous cities in a matter of months, and it was all made possible by FEVO’s integration with Ticketmaster.

Key facts and numbers:

  • FEVO partner since November ’22
  • 1,200 tickets sold in first 3 months on platform
  • 77% of purchases made on mobile

Cirque du Soleil: Coming to a Costco Near You

Corteo by Cirque du Soleil was able to find success selling tickets through Costco via FEVO Exchange, which places tickets for upcoming games, events, concerts and festivals in leading retail outlets around the world. Through FEVO’s integration with the Ticketmaster HOST platform, Cirque du Soleil was able to reach Costco members directly in warehouses and online, allowing members to choose from a wide variety of performances across various markets at exclusive member prices

The response was overwhelmingly positive from Costco members, who were excited to discover and purchase tickets where they were already shopping. The seamless integration between FEVO, Ticketmaster HOST and Costco brought fans out to Corteo in big numbers.

Nutcracker! Magical Christmas Ballet Reaps the Benefits of Social Commerce

If you’re going to go see Nutcracker! Magical Christmas Ballet, you’re not gonna see it alone. The ballet is best enjoyed in good company, and FEVO’s sharing features made it easy for friends and family to share the event on their own channels and easier still to purchase seats together, with options to split payments before checkout.

Fans enthusiastically connected with the offer, gobbling up tickets for shows all over the country at a rate of nearly four tickets per buyer.

Key facts and numbers:

  • 4,000+ tickets sold for 2022 season
  • 68% of purchases made on mobile
  • 3.87 average tickets/buyer

"At its core, FEVO is about making it easy for fans to fulfill one of their most basic human desires: getting together with people they love for a shared, memorable experience. To achieve that, you need to make the mechanics of the group-buying process as foolproof as possible, and through our incredibly valuable collaboration and integration with Ticketmaster's Nexus Partner and Distributed Commerce Programs, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Together, we're able to offer a superior group ticketing experience to fans while driving higher ticket sales, engagement and customer satisfaction for our clients. We’ve achieved remarkable outcomes already and have no plans of slowing down. This collaboration will continue to shape the future of the fan experience."
- Ari Daie, CEO and Founder, FEVO

To learn how the FEVO and Ticketmaster partnership can help your business, please reach out via this form and we’ll get back to you in short order.  

FEVO x Ticketmaster: The Integration That’s Helping Brands Revolutionize the Way They Sell Tickets