Top Tips for Selling Tickets and Growing Revenue With Costco

Top Tips for Selling Tickets and Growing Revenue With Costco

August 24, 2022

For our August webinar, FEVO VP Partnerships & Distribution Marketing Kolin Goff was joined by Seattle Mariners Director Strategic Marketing & Sales Haley Durmer. Their discussion showcased Costco program successes, key learnings, and other valuable insights to help clients launch their own digitally integrated ticket offers with one of the largest retailers in the U.S.

Five Key Learnings

1. Reach Valuable New Customers

Costco members are an attractive bunch: they are affluent (average income of $170K), educated (87% college graduates), and established (84% homeowners). Haley Durmer remarked that roughly 40% of buyers redeeming Costco vouchers for Mariners games were new to their database.

2. Increase Your Brand Awareness

FEVO’s Costco Program builds your brand’s awareness with Costco members. With 30K+ members in each Costco warehouse location each week — and 50M+ people visiting each month, that’s a lot of eyes on your brand!

3. FEVO Makes the Costco Offer Process Easier

Getting your offers in warehouses and online is quick and easy with FEVO. Our one-page program agreement makes it simple, and we facilitate both the digital and physical asset creation needed to get your Costco offers earning.

4. Value Over Discounts

Haley Durmer shared that Mariners’ season ticket holders, just like Costco buyers, are driven by value and experience. Case in point: When the Mariners made their least expensive seats available to Costco members, they didn't sell as well as the higher-dollar premium seats, which promised additional perks and a more memorable gameday outing.

5. Holiday Offer Deadlines Are Fast Approaching

Want to get your offer in Costco warehouses? Then you’ll need to act fast. Retailers require holiday orders to be in place by August — September at the latest. If you’re thinking about being in Costco for Black Friday, the time to get that process started is NOW!

Top Tips for Selling Tickets and Growing Revenue With Costco