Nike’s new Web3 platform, a one-hour guide to great ideas and the wisdom of George Lois

Nike’s new Web3 platform, a one-hour guide to great ideas and the wisdom of George Lois

December 5, 2022

Each week, we sift through a ton of content and then debate it ad nauseam at FEVO HQ. And since good content, like the mind, is a terrible thing to waste, we are also sharing it here with you, our fans, in the form of this weekly blog post on e-commerce, media and life on the internet.

Entrepreneur: Two Stanford professors explain how to produce hundreds of world-changing ideas in one hour

This is a long read, but bear with it, as it is chock-full of information that might inspire your next great idea. One lesson to whet your appetite: Don’t focus exclusively on group brainstorming; instead, use periods of individual reflection and research to generate ideas, then come back together to workshop them. The ideal ratio of normal ideas to great ones, note the authors, is about 2000-1. If you’re looking to improve your team’s creative productivity, no matter the topic, this piece is well worth your time. [Read More]

Peter Buckley: What you can learn from advertising great George Lois

For those unfamiliar, Lois was one of the greatest advertising minds of the 20th century and the person who Tommy Hilfiger credits for his success. In this LinkedIn post, Peter Buckley outlines seven important things we can learn from the work of Lois. One of the most important concepts — and one we should all remember when thinking of advertising and marketing — is the idea of the “Generation Effect,” or the notion that if you force your audience to fill in gaps in your message, they're more likely to remember it. [Read More]

Vogue Business: Nike unveils “Dot Swoosh” platform to house Web3 projects

Crypto has had its fair share of ups and downs over the past year, but major (and historically innovative) brands continue to invest in the space, which speaks volumes about its endurance. In this instance, Nike has created an entire platform for all of its projects both “phygital” (products that bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds) and virtual. The goal of the platform is to attract diehard fans of Nike — rather than merely web3 aficionados — to the typically insider-y industry.

And some assorted other nuggets of internet wisdom ...

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Nike’s new Web3 platform, a one-hour guide to great ideas and the wisdom of George Lois