A Five-Step Guide To Selling Tickets at Costco with FEVO

A Five-Step Guide To Selling Tickets at Costco with FEVO

August 24, 2022

Our latest FEVOforum “How to Sell at Costco with FEVO” webinar featured Liz McCloskey from the Seattle Mariners, Josh Ziegenbusch from the Oakland Athletics, and FEVO’s own Doug Fowler discussing how partners can use the FEVO Costco Program to sell digitally integrated ticket offers in one of America’s largest retailers.

The full video is on YouTube and we’ve summarized five key takeaways for you below:

1. Reach valuable new customers

Teams from our pilot program said that 2 in 5 ticket purchases were first-time ticket buyers... completely new to their marketing database. And Costco members are an attractive bunch: they are affluent (average income of $170K), educated (87% college graduates), and established (84% homeowners).

2. Capture foot traffic

The FEVO Costco Program allows you to sell in-store to Costco members. This means major traffic with 30K+ members at EACH Costco location EVERY week!

3. FEVO makes the process easy

Normally the process to sell at Costco can require a lengthy contract process. FEVO has created a one-page program agreement to make it easy, and we facilitate the digital and physical asset creation needed to get you in front of Costco members.  

4. Give members access to value

Everyone loves Costco because it gives members access to can’t-find-anywhere-else deals. This program features either a discount on standard value ticket price or value-added offers (such as food & beverage combos, merchandise, or parking passes).

5. Just in time for the holidays  

Let your fans give the gift of experience this holiday season. These in-store Costco ticket packages are an easy way to give fans exactly what they want.

Ready to sell at Costco? Submit your offer details here: https://fevo.me/costcoform

Have more questions? Drop us a line: bd@fevo.com

A Five-Step Guide To Selling Tickets at Costco with FEVO