The Real Value of “Core” Fans, Rethinking the Funnel for Gen Z and SXSW’s Women’s Sports Summit
Is investing in your most devoted fans the smartest thing you can do with your marketing budget?

The Real Value of “Core” Fans, Rethinking the Funnel for Gen Z and SXSW’s Women’s Sports Summit

March 15, 2024

Each week, we sift through a ton of content and then debate it ad nauseam at FEVO HQ. And since good content, like the mind, is a terrible thing to waste, we are also sharing it here with you, our fans, in the form of this weekly blog post on e-commerce, media and life on the internet.

John Wall Street: Sports properties should focus on core Fan base to maximize revenues

The latest post from one of our favorite sports-biz newsletters convincingly argues that the fans you should be spending the most time and effort on are the ones you’ve already got. Why? Because they’re a marketing asset in and of themselves. The happier you make them, the more money they’ll spend, and the more work they’ll do on your behalf. Per Craig Swaisgood, head of data and analytics at the New York Mets: “Run any model you want. Extracting more from the core fan base is the most efficient way to grow the top line.” In other words, make sure you’re thinking about how you both quantify and qualify who your most avid fans are, and once that’s done, interact with them as frequently and strategically as possible to maximize their value.

Vogue Business: Gen Z broke the marketing funnel

This piece dives into a recent study conducted by youth culture agency Archrival that surveyed 1,000 Gen Zs and Millennials. It brings to light a lot of differences between the two generations, especially in terms of how they use the internet, how they discover new products, and how they shop — both online and offline. Both generations are perpetually online, but Gen Z is more amenable to advice they encounter online, especially from influencers. A good read if you’re thinking about how to reach the newest generation of purchasing adults. 

Fast Company: Women’s sports are at a tipping point—here’s what’s coming next

A powerhouse group of women in the industry gathered for a panel at SXSW to discuss the direction of women’s athletics. Panelists highlighted the huge influx of attention to women’s sports thanks to transcendent talents like Caitlyn Clark as well as the recent wellspring of financial support from corporate entities looking to demonstrate more egalitarian values. They also highlighted how pivotal NIL opportunities have been in boosting the distribution of content and media promoting women’s athletes to channels that exist outside of the games themselves.

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The Real Value of “Core” Fans, Rethinking the Funnel for Gen Z and SXSW’s Women’s Sports Summit