How the Diamondbacks Made It Easy for Employees to Experience the Thrill of the Postseason

How the Diamondbacks Made It Easy for Employees to Experience the Thrill of the Postseason

January 16, 2024

The Challenge

After a long but ultimately triumphant MLB season, the Arizona Diamondbacks wanted to find a way to reward “Team Players” (aka employees throughout the organization) with tickets to select playoff games at Chase Field in Downtown Phoenix. When the Diamondbacks gave this perk in the past, they had no way to allow Team Players to redeem their complimentary tickets and purchase additional tickets for a group within the same order. This obviously wasn’t ideal, since it limited the number of friends and family an employee could bring along to the game while ensuring their seats would all be together. 

The Solution

The Diamondbacks enlisted FEVO to help them solve this conundrum. By deploying FEVO’s technology, they were able to create a checkout flow that allowed Team Players to select their complimentary seat while also selecting additional — and most importantly, contiguous — seats they could pay for personally (at a discount, of course) for friends and family.

Previously, there had been no way to combine these two processes. With FEVO, it had become quick and painless, with the platform’s email-gating tool ensuring that only verifiable employees were able to take advantage of the Offer. The Diamondbacks were able to launch the entire program in a matter of days, with significant time to stress-test it before launch. 

The Impact

According to Josh Simon, Vice President of Ticket Operations, this initiative provided three main benefits:

  • Improved Team Player Experience: Employees were able to accept gifted tickets while purchasing additional, discounted tickets alongside them
  • Better Tracking for Box Office Staff: With more data at their fingertips, it was easy to monitor which games needed an additional push
  • Less (Basically No) Back-End Work: The box office team was able to set up the Offer with FEVO’s existing tools, freeing up time for other initiatives

The postseason experience also led the Diamondbacks organization to reevaluate how they’ll offer Team Player tickets during the regular season, with plans to add discount options to the standard Team Player flow to drive incremental revenue. 

Without FEVO we would not have been able to execute what we wanted to do. The flexibility and customization they are capable of allowed us to pull this initiative off seamlessly. From start to finish, this concept was executed in a matter of days — with testing in between.”

–Josh Simon, Vice President of Ticket Operations

How the Diamondbacks Made It Easy for Employees to Experience the Thrill of the Postseason