Georgetown University
Hoya Healthcare Heroes
Group Sales
January 20, 2021
Georgetown University - Hoya Healthcare Heroes

At FEVO, partner success spans far beyond generating revenue. Assisting our clients in movements they believe in, or providing a platform for them to create change is how we see ourselves truly differentiating the game when it comes to partnerships.

We’re extremely proud and honored Georgetown University tapped FEVO to take their Hoya Healthcare Heroes initiative to the next level. All money raised went to supply meals to their MedStar Hospital frontline workers battling COVID-19.

"Georgetown Athletics wanted to find a way to help support MedStar Georgetown University Hospital's healthcare workers in dealing with COVID-19. Through our FOX Sports sponsorship team working with MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and matching the program with our restaurant partners, we devised a unique program serving many constituents to provide assistance. We turned to Fevo, whose insight and technology helped us raise more than $8,000 as part of our Hoya Healthcare Heroes initiative. We were glad that FEVO offered a solution that allowed our fans to easily thank the brave women and men on the frontlines."

- Dan O'Neil, Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Affairs