How to Write Effective, Engaging Prompts with FEVO’s New AI Offer-Building Tool

How to Write Effective, Engaging Prompts with FEVO’s New AI Offer-Building Tool

FEVO AI has arrived. Master these basics to start saving time and improving productivity.

October 5, 2023

In a commitment to our partners — the people who quite literally make the experiences industry possible — FEVO has created the first ever AI for offer-building in live events. This technology serves as an unrivaled productivity tool that helps sellers and marketers rapidly create content at scale, which in turn will help drive more sales and awareness for the brands they serve.

When utilized properly, FEVO AI can drastically save you time and effort, making more time for community building, strategizing and anything else your team has had to sacrifice in order to maintain the status quo of basic offer builds. This guide will help you take full advantage of the power of FEVO AI by teaching you to write effective prompts, the foundation upon which all generative AI is built. The better you are at writing prompts, the more you’ll get out of this game-changing technology.

Step 1. Learn the Formula

The structure of an Offer prompt, at its core, is relatively simple. You’re telling the AI who to be, what to make and how to format it. Once you understand these basics, there are a ton of different levers you can pull to extricate the best results. At the highest level, the building blocks of a good prompt involve playing around with three variables: role, task and format

Role refers to the voice or POV from which the AI will be writing. Task is the purpose — or piece of content — for which you are enlisting the help of the AI. Format refers to the format in which you would like that piece of content to be delivered.

When writing prompts for FEVO AI, structure the three variables according to this simple formula:

Acting as a [role], create a [task], shown as a [format]

So your prompt might look something like this:

Step 2. Add as Much Detail as Possible

Once you’ve mastered the baseline formula above, you can embellish your prompt with additional details. And for FEVO AI to work effectively, it needs details. It is a deep-learning algorithm; not a mind reader. Be as descriptive as possible — the AI is relying on you to tell it about everything that needs to be included in the offer. Remember that generative AI’s are sometimes referred to as “learning” models or platforms — without the input of a good teacher, they’re useless.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Always include the subject of the Offer and all relevant details

Who’s playing? What’s the venue? What time does it start? Are there any special perks or themes? What audience is this for? Is there a schedule? Basically all the information you would want to know if you were going to an event.

Give the AI a clear purpose

Tell the AI what you want the final copy to achieve. Is it informational? Is it trying to persuade someone to buy something? The more context you can give here, the better the AI can subtly but effectively write to your needs.

Identify a target audience

Who is this for? Is it a teen night? A teacher’s night? Tell your AI who you are speaking to so it can better connect with the audience.

Establish a desired tone of voice

The above will influence this information as will your brand voice. You will always want the copy produced to be consistent with your brand voice. If your marketing or creative team has brand guidelines, they might be able to share information on how to describe your brand’s voice. If not, get creative. Tell the AI to be snarky or serious or apologetic or playful. You can even ask it to write in the style of a writer or personality you like (e.g., Rodney Dangerfield or Agatha Christie).

Assign a length

You can be specific (assigning an exact character or word count) or just suggest a general length (say, two short paragraphs).

Share keywords

Let the AI know if there are specific keywords or phrases that should be included in the offer.

Direct the AI to references it can use for inspiration

If you want FEVO AI to include any specific references, statistics or information, include them in your prompt. You can even include URLs for the AI to crawl (e.g., “please include three relevant stats from this article on the popularity of esports”).

Give it a call to action

Presumably you want your audience to execute a specific action once they’ve read the copy. If you have a specific CTA (e.g. “Buy These Tickets”), say so; if not, try to include some context on the type of CTA you’d like to see (e.g.”Create a CTA that will make readers want to buy tickets.”

Add it all up, and an effective final prompt will look something like this:

Step 3: Give It a Name

FEVO AI isn’t only for building offer descriptions. It can also provide guidance or ideas on the name of the event itself. Just ask the AI to provide event titles or names that encompass all the details you’ve shared, conveying the most relevant information. And be sure to "prime" your prompt with examples — nothing helps FEVO AI understand what you’re looking for more than a solid example (or two, or ten).

Step 4: Ask for Variations

For anything FEVO AI creates for you, feel free to ask for multiple options so you can compare and contrast them. Often, combining elements from different outputs will net you the best possible solution. 

Step 5: Use FEVO AI for Other Collateral Affiliated with Your Offer

You can also ask AI to turn the information from any offer into copy for additional digital or physical collateral (e.g., “using this information, create an Instagram post promoting the offer”).

Step 6: Summarize and Rewrite

Feel free to copy and paste existing copy or information into FEVO AI and ask it to summarize or rewrite the information for you. Upload anything from the pages of a 20-page trend report to a short block of unformatted text; from there, just instruct the AI to revise, summarize or rewrite it entirely.

Step 7: Don’t Be Afraid to Talk with FEVO AI

Be sure to give the AI feedback on its output. Ask it to do things over or change particular segments. FEVO AI is iterative; it can build on itself and improve its output to create something that better suits your needs. It can remember things it gave you earlier. Go back and forth with it until you’re happy with whatever you’ve asked it to deliver.

How to Write Effective, Engaging Prompts with FEVO’s New AI Offer-Building Tool

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