Nashville Predators
Student Rush Campaign
Group Sales
January 20, 2021
Nashville Predators Student Rush Campaign

The Nashville Predators engaged local universities and college students to tap into the next generation of Predators fans. With college campus recreational centers and student activities having limited entertainment budgets, FEVO helped create an opportunity to engage their students at scale.

Using the FEVO platform, the Predators created the Golden U Student Rush Program. The social program offered students at local colleges tickets to several distressed games, starting as low as $15. The Predators limited the offer to 2 tickets per students by requiring the use of an .edu email. An additional 2,138 tickets were sold, driving 74% net new fans to the Predators’ database.

"Students can be a tough segment because their expectation is ease of use and they have a digital-first mentality. FEVO perfectly activated our local college groups, adding many future season ticket holders to our database. The platform is a seamless plug-in to Archtics and complements our strategy to engage new fans."

- Dan Schaefer, Manager - Group Sales