Unlocking the Power of FEVO Partnerships: Takeaways from the Latest FEVOForum

Unlocking the Power of FEVO Partnerships: Takeaways from the Latest FEVOForum

September 13, 2023

The latest FEVOForum webinar explored how our many strategic partnerships can help you enhance fan experiences within the FEVO ecosystem. The session kicked off with a comprehensive look at how FEVO partner Harte Hanks can amplify your customer care experience across every possible touchpoint — before, during and after your event. We also discussed how to enhance the gameday experience for fans with ParkHub, which can help you boost your average transaction value (ATV). Finally, we took a look at the newest FEVO Exchange program with the American Bar Association, which gives you a new path to customer acquisition thanks to 200,000 high-value individuals who work in various legal professions.

Here are some of the key topics we covered:

Align Goals for Mutually Beneficial Partnerships  

Strategic partnerships like those FEVO has cultivated with Harte Hanks, the American Bar Association and ParkHub offer our clients streamlined ways to enhance operational functionality and reach new, untapped audiences. The key is aligning objectives for a win-win relationship that fuels business growth for all involved.

Leverage Data for Personalized Experiences  

Data-driven decisions aren't just crucial for business strategy — they also enhance customer care. Evaluating your customer care conversations and monitoring real-time insights can offer opportunities for improvements and upsells. 

Improve Engagement with an Omnichannel Approach  

In the age of customer care, meeting your clients in their preferred channels, such as chat, email or self-service, can significantly reduce customer effort, thereby increasing satisfaction and conversions. 

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate  

Effective and regular communication is vital with your strategic partners or customer base. This is especially true in customer, care where clear, timely communication can improve satisfaction and drive conversions.

Drive Value Through Additional Services  

FEVO’s partnerships offer many additional services that can be integrated to create a richer, more complete event experience, from better parking solutions to exclusive, professional member marketplaces.

Reach out to your Customer Success rep if you have any further questions as to how any of FEVO’s numerous partners can help your business.

Unlocking the Power of FEVO Partnerships: Takeaways from the Latest FEVOForum