How the Guardians Launched Online Premium Suites Sales at Progressive Field

How the Guardians Launched Online Premium Suites Sales at Progressive Field

September 7, 2023

This week, we take a look at how the Cleveland Guardians used FEVO to create a digital home for premium sales that felt authentic, efficient and distinctively high-end.

The Challenge

The Cleveland Guardians had an opportunity that many live events producers can relate to: premium inventory was in high demand, but their existing sales tools didn’t allow them to conveniently market and distribute that inventory on their website. Not that selling premium online is only about convenience. With the right software, a sales team can also use stunning imagery and multimedia to paint a picture of their premium offerings. Which is exactly what The Guardians sought out: a powerful tool that would allow them to maintain lofty standards while showcasing some of their most exclusive inventory online.

The Solution

In FEVO, the Guardians found the perfect blend of adaptable technology and hands-on marketing expertise to create a compelling home for single-game rentals of premium seating directly on their website. Since FEVO was already deeply integrated with their existing ticketing system, they were able to quickly launch high-converting offer pages, with premium inventory brought to life through stunning imagery, concise descriptions and a frictionless buyer journey.

Customers were able to visualize a high-quality experience and browse through pricing. They didn’t have to guess what they were getting or feel inconvenienced by restrictive purchasing options. And they could return to the offer at any time, from anywhere, further driving conversions.

With FEVO, The Guardians built a new digital home for single-game premium rentals, elevating the customer experience and significantly boosting sales conversions. One big reason it works? The high-end user experience mirrors the very essence of what the Guardians premium inventory stands for: exclusivity, polished aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail.

FEVO’s software innovation and access to inventory provided our team with the tools to execute our vision online, allowing us to focus on developing innovative strategies to bring consumers to the website and complete the purchase with ease.
–Julie Weaver, Assistant Director, Partnerships and Premium, Cleveland Guardians
How the Guardians Launched Online Premium Suites Sales at Progressive Field