How one of the UK's most prominent sport award shows used FEVO to digitize their group and table bookings

How one of the UK's most prominent sport award shows used FEVO to digitize their group and table bookings

June 11, 2024

The Event:

The FEVO Sport Industry Awards, Sport Industry Group’s yearly black-tie fete honoring the UK’s best and brightest in the realm of sports marketing, operations, events, creative and more, is one of the most prestigious events in all of sports. Over 1,700 movers and shakers come out to participate in SIG’s marquee event of the year, and thus the organization is laser-focused on ensuring the experience is smooth, fun and memorable. 

The Challenge:

In previous years, SIG had relied on a labor-intensive manual process for managing event ticketing and sponsorship. Whether SIA attendees were purchasing tickets as part of a table (typically for corporate sponsors) or as individual seats, bookings and payments involved sending invoices manually — an antiquated methodology that represented a tremendous amount of work for the SIG staff as well as an inconvenience for attendees. 

Furthermore, SIG lacked an end-to-end solution that could cover sales, fulfillment and event entry, relying instead on an assortment of different software and tools — an inefficiency that, while certainly not catastrophic, could be improved to free up organizational bandwidth and improve the event in other areas.

The Solution:

FEVO provided the infrastructure for SIG to create digitized ticketing pages, directly on their site, where both organizations and individuals could easily pay online for multiple ticket tiers — from VIP tables all the way down to standard-issue seating. 

Organizations could also select various sponsorship packages that corresponded to different table sizes and ticket amounts, right in the natively embedded checkout flow. Group leaders were then able to work with SIG to coordinate guest experience customizations like table seating arrangements or the accommodation of dietary restrictions.

FEVO also gave SIG the ability to offer multiple payment options: one option to pay in full right at checkout and another option that leveraged the FEVO discounting tool to provide a £0 offer and be invoiced later to support their corporate clients that needed an invoice before paying. 

Post-purchase, FEVO was responsible for the seamless distribution of bespoke digital tickets directly to buyers, requiring no operational lift on the part of the SIG team and also helping them to meet sustainability targets. 

Additionally, FEVO’s solution extended beyond ticket sales and fulfillment all the way to event check-in, where two separate entrances for VIPs and general guests, combined with FEVO’s QR Tool for quick scanning, facilitated a smooth, secure entry for 1700+ guests (a 20% increase over the previous year) with minimal wait times and no operational hiccups.

The Result:

Adopting FEVO’s solutions streamlined SIA’s ticketing and sponsorship management and significantly enhanced the overall event experience for both organizers and attendees. In transitioning from traditional methods to FEVO’s integrated, tech-driven solution, SIG was able to not only increase ticket sales to their most important event of the year, but simultaneously improve efficiency, guest satisfaction, and operational success.

“Thanks to FEVO’s help, the FEVO Sport Industry Awards table and ticket buying process was a complete success,” says SIG’s Tom Barwick. “Across a six month time period, from tables going on sale to guests walking through the doors, the team at FEVO made everything more seamless and efficient than we could have hoped for.”

How one of the UK's most prominent sport award shows used FEVO to digitize their group and table bookings

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