UC Berkeley
The Big Ticket
Single Game Sales
January 20, 2021
UC Berkeley - The Big Ticket

How do you sell out your biggest rivalry game with no fans in the stadium? A lot of creativity, a pinch of technology, and a dash of necessary merchandise. Our partners in Berkeley have outdone themselves with this one, what they’ve dubbed, “The Big Ticket.” By combining physical memorabilia with commemorative merch and a school-branded face mask, the California Bears have provided their supporters with quite the virtual experience for the 123rd Big Game.

"When we realized that spectators will not be allowed at games, our first thought was 'How do we make sure Cal supporters continue to engage with us virtually?' Ultimately, the Big Ticket virtual sellout was something that made the most sense. Because of the rich history between Stanford vs. Cal, having a product to continue this tradition is important to Cal fans. Also, being in the tech hub of the Bay Area, the need to introduce this product through a simple layout and easy path to purchase (not to mention mobile-friendly) was crucial.

The decision to use FEVO's platform didn't need much convincing. I feel like if 2020 taught us anything about entertainment, it's these 3 things: (1) People miss live entertainment, (2) Be creative, and (3) e-commerce is the engine block behind every sales KPI. I'm fortunate for the opportunity to create this Big Ticket virtual sellout for Cal fans.”

- David Kao, Assistant A.D., Ticket Sales, Service & Operations, University of California, Berkeley